Reaction Ivić

Vjesnik, June 13, 1998

Grotesque standpoints of Croatian feminists Vesna Kesić and Rada Borić

Dr. Josip Ivić

Nenad Ivanković, host of the “Press Klub” TV show (broadcast on Croatian National Television – HRT on June 9), managed to gather an interesting group of intellectuals who demonstrated all the splendour and misery of the Croatian intellectual sphere in their debate on the position of women in society.

Participants Jadranka Kosor (Vice president of the Croatian Parliament), dr. Ružica Čavar, Đurđa Adlešić (Croatian Social Liberal Party – HSLS), Rada Borić (...war victims), Vesna Kesić (B.a.B.e.), Milan Ivkošić and Igor Mandić divided themselves into two sides immediately at the beginning of the show, although Ivkošić and Mandić represent sides on their own. The two of them had brilliant performances.

The Croatian Parliament unanimously passed the National Demographic Development Program. The paid status of mother-educator for mothers with four or more children was accepted as an important factor for family stability and good upbringing. They do not have to accept this status if they want to pursue successful careers and work. Their husbands can realize this status for them. Therefore, the paid status for mothers with more children does not represent any discrimination or violation of any international conventions or rights.

And isn't it then ironic and impudent that Vesna Kesić and Rada Borić call the paid status of mother-educator a fascist precedent and a title before millions of Croatian National Television viewers. By doing that, they wanted to say that members of the Croatian Parliament were, because they unanimously passed this law and status – fascists.

I believe that Mrs Kesić and Mrs Borić should publicly apologize to the Croatian people, especially to women and mothers, for those misconceptions and slanders and resign from their organizations.

Under the pretence of defending the rights of women and victims of violence, they want to reign over the male gender. Instead, they are causing damage to the majority of women and mothers with their standpoints.

They talk about precedents in Croatia, which in fact are not precedents at all and when they talk about role model countries: Sweden, the USA and others, they do not mention precedents about gay marriages, children who are victims of abortions, in other words, victims of murder who do not have the opportunity to defend themselves.

Dr. Ružica Čavar expressed some reasonable standpoints on the strengthening of families, child upbringing and the need to realize the paid status for mothers-educators who want to use this.

Ivkošić brilliantly outlined the abnormality of the standpoints of Vesna Kesić and Rada Borić and Mr. Mandić was terrific at dispersing and clearing the misconception of the feminist fog.

I applaud Croatian National Television and the show’s host Nenad Ivanković. We should have more of these kinds of shows. They contribute to revealing all the grotesque, erroneous and even anti-Croatian standpoints and publicly expose those who work for or against Croatian interests.