Anna Maria Grunfelder letter

Zagreb, July 2, 1998

Dear Madames from the Centre for Women War Victims,

I received your appeal sent to the Austrian Embassy. Please allow me to convince you that I personally sympathize with you and that I support your humanitarian activities, moreover because the UN International Conference on Human Rights in Vienna in 1993 stated that: “women’s rights are human rights”. The protection of freedom of thought and speech about women’s rights, without intimidation and belittling, must be guaranteed and protected against attacks. 

Every unbiased spectator, while watching the “Press-klub” round-table panel on June 9, 1998, must have concluded that you were presenting a burning issue about violence against women as a consequence of war-traumatized household members. It is important to raise public awareness about this phenomenon where, especially children, entire families and finally society can suffer extremely damaging consequences. Therefore, your initiative is useful and above all very real.

Unfortunately, the Embassy does not have a financial aid fund; but I am at your service if you need help to contact Austrian organizations that deal with the same issue.
Please accept assurances of my highest consideration.


Dr. Anna M. Grunfelder
Press attaché