On the Politics of Gender and Ethnicity

Feminism and the Disintegration of Yugoslavia: On the Politics of Gender and Ethnicity

Dubravka  Žarkov

This text follows the effects of the wars in former Yugoslavia (1991-1995) on Yugoslav feminist movement and examines notions of femininity and ethnicity in academic and activist texts produced during the war by feminists from the region. It argues that the conceptualization of the woman-victim stands central to both academic writing and the activism. The war violence - and especially sexual violence against women - may account for the focus on a woman as victim in the war. However, the author is concerned with theoretical and political consequences of invariably linking both femininity and ethnicity to victimization and violence.


Dispatches from front line

Trouble & Strife 36 Winter 1997/98

Sarah Maguire, an English barrister, is courrently working in Bosnia. Here we reproduce the speech she gave at the Rape and Criminal Justice System conference earlier this year.