List of women to be eliminated


Slobodna Dalmacija, December 13, 1992

Zagreb Women's Lobby press release

˝List of women to be eliminated˝

Zagreb Women's Lobby

ZAGREB – This is not the first, nor – as we are afraid, the last time that the prominent Zagreb intellectals Jelena Lovrić, Rada Iveković, Slavenka Drakulić, Vesna Kesić and Slavenka Drakulić are attacked for thinking. Those who are attacking them do it because of ˝evil thinking˝. However, never before have there been composed lists of ˝women to be eliminated˝. This is precisely what "GLOBUS", a Zagreb weekly newspaper, did these days; but this newspaper has already made its name for publishing such lists.

Their names were published together with information about them (place of birth, nationality, marital status, children's and husband’s property, housing status, etc.). We can not pretend that we are surprised at the level of uncivilized manner contained in such an act,   at forgeries and ordinary lies that fill this warrant (e.g., Dubravka Ugrašić and Jelena Lovrić have never been members of any feminist group neither in Zagreb nor in Croatia nor elsewhere; Slavenka Drakulić and Vesna Kesić were among the first to write about the war rapes and they both participated in various projects which supported the victims of war violence). We are not also surprised at the analytical blindness of ˝the Globus investigatory team˝, as this time it is not the case of feeble-mindedness but intent. Namely, the mentioned women were accused, inter alia, for covering up the rapes of Muslim and Croatian women by Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina having insisted that victims of rape are primarily women. We ask ˝the investigatory team˝ and the entire public: are we really unable to conceptualize (even in the daily newspaper, for example the Mazowietski report) that the women of other nationalities were raped as well as that Croatian Army soldiers were guilty of it.

None of the ˝accused˝ women or the more sensible part of the general public has ever equalized the identity and the intents of all warring armies. The assessments, even before serious investigations on that horrifying crimes were conducted, make it clear that rapes of women were a psychological strategy of Serbian and Montenegrin Army, where they were more systematic and larger in number. However, it is a question of both personal and national honor to accept the deplorable fact that ˝our boys˝ also do it. We should renounce ˝our boys˝ if we want to be just in this unjust war. Women have never in history, and we hope in the future too, initiated a single war. Women have never been the ones who made decisions on these issues but they have been the ones who suffered the most.

Finally, where does ideology and methods for denunciation (based on ordinary lies) of these women as ˝communist profiteers˝ belong to (especially nowadays when it is a kind of stigma and efficient disqualification to label somebody as an ex-member of Yugoslav Communist Party)?!

We will not mention the perversity of one's mind who even misuses the rapes of women in order to humiliate and proscribe other women. The question that should be asked is who are people profiting from rapes of women and why ?!

Being fully aware of the fact that addressing this protest to the editors of Globus would be of no avail, we are addressing it to the general public of Croatia and of the world. We are protesting against these inciting methods, lies, forgeries and intentional blindness. We demand the protection of the rights of these individuals (ironically, the text in Globus was published on Human Rights Day), the rights on different or even opposite opinion. And not just for these individuals but for every human being.